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Since 1994



 King Global Group, selecting the right and shortest way to reach to the points

 in global markets that's the reason approach to the analyses of logic factors

 just like reading the future of investment financing and characters of since in





Targets of King Global Group:

 Full cooperation with common market countries to extend development in

 productions, industries, economy trading, commercial and culture as well


 Getting high efficiency of experts experience in economy development and

 expand of industries productions.   

 Operational of all commercial options in parallel with trading facilities.

 Expand of oil and gas products and manufacturing of refineries and

 petrochemicals to product all the oil bases.

Participated in all international tenders.

Keep independence of KGG in all sectors.

Intend in the oil & gas market.

KGG will follow up the new policy to:

 Attempt to increase the rate of export.

Will do the best to reduce the cost and extra expenses.

Try to raise the quality level of products.

Looking for opportunities to intend in global market.

Using new design in product and export.

Expand of tourism.

Implement and to raise the performance of all the projects with

new and latest model and technology.

Created the bridge of oil and gas transit between

the CIS countries and Persian Gulf countries.

Intend in the gold stock market.




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