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   Turin Petroleum


Registered in: Turkey

Fields of activity: Petroleum, Agriculture, Tourism

The idea of establishing Turin Petroleum Company came from the expansion of economical, commercial
 and industrial activities of King Holding in Turkey.
This company was registered in Turkey with the aim of achieving the goals of its parent holding 
to maintain stable trade between the countries of the region, and after extensive activity in the field 
of commerce and considering the need to expand activities in the CIS region, this company was registered in Georgia. also took action. 
Sustainable development in terms of investment in industry, agriculture, knowledge and development requires
 extensive changes in the scientific context of all levels of a complex.
For this reason, the participation of all companies and active people in this group also requires creating 
awareness and knowledge in all the above fields in a completely legal and registered format. 
By attracting active, young intelligent forces, training them, using the support of technical
knowledge and investment of its mother holding; "King", it works towards participation in 
the development of agriculture, tourism and trade in the region and all the world. 
For more information on the activities of this company, you can refer to;    TURIN PETROLEUM.



King Investment Company


Registered in: Kazakhstan

Fields of activity: investment, research, development, industries equipment, purchase and

sale of oil and petrochemical products

Shareholder: King Global Group Holding 

King Investment Company was registered as the first registered company in
the collection in 1991 and before the establishment of King Holding in Kazakhstan.
The purpose of establishing this company is to invest, research, develop and equip 
oil and petrochemical industries (upstream & downstream industries), buy and sell
petroleum products.
This group is currently investing in the above fields with this approach.



Sepanta Seven Sisters


Registered in: the Dominican Republic

Fields of activity: Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

Organizational motto:

The global healthcare and pharmaceutical industry are facing with a lot of challenges.
By increasing the research costs, development costs, the complex access to the international markets,
the challenging process of epidemics, the increasing competitive pressure among
global pharmaceuticals, the lack of access to medicine and treatment in the third world,
as well as the digitalization of pharmaceutical marketing and the increasing need for Treatment,
all of them requires new innovative strategies.
In order to properly face with the above challenges, especially in the third world, and help to improve
the global health process, as well as the development of the pharmaceutical industry, research and education 
in the field of health, as well as the construction and equipping of hospitals and treatment centers, and the supply
of medicine and treatment in all the world, "King Holding", with the approach of helping 
the underprivileged countries, established the company Sepanta Seven Sisters in Dominican Republic in the year 2007.
This company is active in the field of investment for research, production and development of industries related to
medicine, pharmaceuticals, production of artificial organs, reproductive sciences, stem cells and biotechnology with the aim of improving the level of health and global health in seventeen countries of the world.

 King Oil Company


Registered in: Kazakhstan

Fields of activity: Investments in the Oil

In 1998, considering the need to expand direct investments in the oil and

petrochemical industry in CIS countries, the management of King Holding 

registered King Oil Company in Kazakhstan to pave the way for investment in the region. 

After years of investment in the oil industry, this company started investing in the 

production of oil equipment in 2008.




Edrina International Construction Company


Registered in: United Arab Emirates

Fields of activity: Building and industrial constructions, etc.

Organizational motto: Today we build the future


In 2004, due to the expansion of King Holding's activities and 

the need for constructions within the complex, as well as investment in

in the field of industrial construction, road construction and industry, etc.,

the management of the complex decided to register a company for the purpose of registering in

the construction fields.

This collection was registered and officially started working at the beginning of the new 

year of 2004 and with the start of investing in the United Arab Emirates website.

The interesting thing to be noted is that, as the name of this company implied, all the managements,

technical staff, engineering team and supervising engineering team of this complex is run by women experts

and female engineers who graduated from the best universities at the world.



Nafisa Team


Registered in: United Arab Emirates 

Fields of activity: Web, Graphic and Logo Design & Programming, Manufacturing,

Repairing, Reverse Engineering of Circuits and Electronic Systems and Scientific Research

motto: It's more than a website Designing. It's your future


Nafisa Teams' web design and construction team, officially started their activities by

design of the first King's website in 2007. 

Nafisa Team was created as an organizational department for the purpose of building, 

designing and updating the websites of King's subsidiary companies, but during the time and

by the widening of the scope of activities, as well as due to the technical ability and

well-thought-out forces that was revealed and strengthened in the fields of design, color science, 

website design, programming, manufacturing, repairing and reverse engineering of circuits and 

electronic systems and scientific research, so; the management of the collection was determined to

establish Nafisa Team as an independent company.

Today, this group operates by employing skilled and talented professionals in the field of graphic design,

programming, designing, repairing, reverse engineering of electronic circuits and design of specialized and

professional websites with a completely up-to-date and targeted attitude.

Currently, Nafisa team is proud of branding, website design, Logo, brochures, packaging,

the administrative set, advertising moto and advertising campaigns of several banks, 

holdings and manufacturing and industrial complexes have been recorded in their work record.

To learn more about this collection, visit the company's website.





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